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new! GaGa fumes at German reporter after hermaphrodite question

Lady GaGa had a reporter at a press conference in Germany thrown out by security on Monday when a local journalist questioned the pop star about rumors she is a hermaphrodite.

Internet footage of the singer onstage earlier this year sparked fresh debate as to whether or not the hitmaker had both female and male reproductive organs, because a bulge could clearly be seen.

GaGa has since slammed the rumors as "ridiculous," but the controversy is refusing to go away, and she was put on the spot by a interviewer during the Berlin press launch of her new range of headphones.

When asked by German TV personality Collien Fernandes if she had a penis, Gaga snarled, "My vagina is offended by this question," before security pounced on the woman and escorted her from the IFA electronics trade show.

Fernandes is dumbfounded by her harsh treatment and insists she did nothing wrong.

She says, "I don't really understand the fuss. It's obvious someone would ask her this question after the picture was all over the news."

Lady GaGa's Heartbeats line of jewel-shaped earphones was launched in collaboration with hip-hop super-producer Dr. Dre and Monster electronics.



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